Children and Youth

Young people are an important part of the church. They have the following special activities:

Sunday's Kool

Children up to the age of 11 meet at the back of the church during our morning service for stories, craft and play.


For primary school children.
Meets in the community centre from 6pm to 7:15pm on Saturday evenings. Admission is £1 including drink and snack.


For those who are in secondary school from Year 7 up to and including 17 years of age.

Kinetic Zone

Saturday night is Kinetic Youth Zone, it meets in the community centre from 7:30pm till 9pm. 50p entry. Snooker/pool, Nintendo Wii, Table tennis and much more.

Sunday Space

Sunday Space from 6:30pm to 8pm.
Organised by our young people for the whole family. A space or people to meet, to fellowship and to bring friends. Refreshments and snacks during the evening and something for all ages.